Testing.... uno dos tres

Just testing the idea of cross-posting everything to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and eventually Diaspora. No content yet to speak of. Enjoy this diagram of a condensor microphone.


EDIT: looks like this solution totally sucks. Ideally, I would want to post the body of text within the message itself


I suppose...

...that I should build something, rather than posting political rants on Facebook. Yeah.


Conservatism ≠ GOP

A comment posted in reponse to this article sums up my feelings about the Republican party more eloquently than I ever could. I like a lot of conservative ideas, but will never defend the GOP. They deserve the hyperbole of their critic's condemnations.

thewippet writes:

Here's the problem with the GOP: it's gone senile. Demented. It's become a party of intolerance, hate, religious craziness and racist idiocy. The GOP caters to people who deny reality. Since it refuses to face reality, the GOP has no sound ideas for the future. It has no vision. Instead of grappling with the real challenges of the 21st century, the GOP is led by bizarre people who want to go back to the 18th century. Wearing tricornes like it's 1760! You've got GOP candidates who call rape "God's gift"; who say that evolution and science are "lies from the pit of hell", etc., etc.

Compare the slate of candidates in the GOP primaries of 1980 versus 2012. The decline in quality, worldly knowledge, wisdom and common sense is startling. In 1980 the GOP had Reagan, Bush Sr., Dole, Baker, Connally. In 2012? Bachman, Santorum, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Perry, Romney...

The best Republican Presidents of the last 30 years--Nixon, Reagan and Bush Sr.--would be driven out of today's lunatic GOP. Or they'd flee.

And why has the party deteriorated so sharply? Because it was taken over by talk radio and Fox. Frum was right. The conservative media industry makes money stoking anger and manufacturing outrage. They're not worried about the country. They don't have principles. They're in the outrage business, and it's wonderfully profitable--for them. And it's Limbaugh, Weiner/Savage, Levin, Fox, Hannity, etc. that REALLY run the GOP--and have run it into the ground. While they get rich.

The GOP's ideas are at odds with the Western world. The GOP offers no solutions to our problems because it denies reality. To those of us outside America, that is patently obvious.


DIY projects

There are a lot of very neat videos of Sterling engines on Youtube. In the event that civilization collapses, it would be a nice thingamajig to know how to build (though I have no idea where you'd get a frenel lens).


Unoriginal Halloween Costume

This is unoriginal as hell, but it would be fun to traumatize children. Just turn off your lights and stand in the backyard at the end of the ally next to your house.